About Us

Kemp Pottery is a Studio/gallery that has been owned and operated by Steven Kemp since 1978. In 2002, Steve’s son Matt Kemp became part-owner. Father and son are partners in a robust working collaboration, creating wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware, as well as porcelain functional and decorative ware.


Both potters’ work is based on a foundation of drawing, branching off into a variety of decorating techniques, themes, and designs. These techniques include sgraffitosumi brush techniqueglaze painting, sculpture, graphic storytelling, and more. Using these techniques, they create distinctive lamps, dinnerware, commemorative plates, tiles, sinks, garden sculpture, fountains, stained-glass, and abstract and figurative sculpture.


Steven’s desire is to make objects that are simultaneously beautiful and reflect an honest response to the Cape Cod environment. His work informs, exhibiting what he has absorbed in his observations of Cape Cod: birds, flowers, fish, turtles, frogs, bog, sea, and sky.



Matt has two rough categories for his work. The first uses narratives to explore some of the comic and tragic aspects the human condition. The “Fish, Frog, and Fox Series” is an example of this kind of work. The second category of work is intended to create pieces that balance form, surface texture and treatment, and function. Faceted, knobbed, dimpled, and gouged vessels of all kinds comprise this group.

Steven and Matt find working together their greatest gift, building a body of work that is intended as art to be lived with, while nurturing an environment of mutual creativity.